-Server Rules- (It's the Law)

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-Server Rules- (It's the Law)

Post by Maxloader » September 27th, 2010, 10:58 pm


1. PvP, Stealing and Unwanted Modifications to Property(Also known as "Griefing")

1.1 The killing of other players is not allowed, unless both parties agree to do so.(*)
1.2 If you/your party is engaging in PvP with another person/party, do not bring anyone who does not wish to be involved in to the fight. (No hitting people who are not agreeing to PvP)

1.3 Do not kill other players for the sole reason of stealing their items.
1.4 Do not take items from chests that do not belong to you. (Unless the owner has allowed you to, or is a public chest(*))
1.5 Do not build on to or destroy structures that belong to other players. (Unless you have their permission.)
1.6 Do not abuse [Protection] signs by placing them next to chests that do not belong to you.
1.7 Simply put, do not steal from anyone, and be a good sport.

(*)We can find out who places signs, so don't try marking any chest that doesn't belong to you as a public chest.

2. Player Ranks:
You will start out as a gray (Default) player, showing that you are new to the server.
Gaining ranks will help your reputation on the server!
0. Special (Black) (used for various events, has event-specific permissions)
800. Pardoned (Ballas Purple) (Shows that you were recently pardoned from a ban, may not be trusted by many players. Lasts 2-3 weeks, may be longer if you are inactive)
700. Default (Gray) (New to the server, the rank that everyone starts off at)
600. Helpful (Aqua) (At least slightly active, usually gained soon after joining.)
500. Trusted (Indigo) (Actively plays on the server, has shown to be trustworthy)
400. Respected (Bright Green) (Spend a lot of time on the server, be known by a lot of players)
300. Donator (Yellow) (Indicates that you have donated to the server. Gains priority by admins when in need of assistance. (Moderator and Admin ranks will override this rank, and will receive a [D] prefix instead, also Donating gains you no privilege to being mod or admin)
200. Moderator (Gold) (Seriously trusted by admins, known by everyone, acts maturely)
100. Admin (Red) (Shows a wide range of skills, interest, and is disciplined. A right hand of Maxloader)

Each rank includes the rank's permissions above it.

2.1 Do not beg for ranks, it will not give you a promotion and will in fact decrease your chance of being promoted.
2.2 Admins and mods will often check up on you if you are in the "Pardoned" rank.

3. Use of Fire-Making Items/Tools:
3.1 You are allowed to use a flint and steel, lava bucket, or fire charge if you craft one, but if you cause forest fires(not recommended), keep it under control(make sure that the trees don't burn down any structures), and only burn down forests that have houses in them if the owner(s) agree to it.
3.2 Do not burn down all forests located around spawn, keep most of the trees around to keep the area around spawn looking aesthetically good.
3.3 Burning down jungles are NOT recommended(as is any kind of forest fire), if you do, make sure to clean up any trees that may have not been fully destroyed. Do not burn down jungle trees that are holding tree houses.
3.4 If you cause a fire that gets out of control YOU are responsible for cleaning up the mess.

4. Towns:
4.1 A town has a city hall, and at least 1 mayor and at least 3 citizens. (Prevents town spamming)
4.2 The rules should either be in the city hall, or on a town forum(PM Maxloader asking for one and include the name of the town and of all of the mayors in order to create one)
4.3 To make a town official, have 3 or more citizens, 1 or more mayors, and permission from an admin.
4.4 The town has some sort of item disposal.
4.5 Floating towns made of any flat material are not allowed except under special circumstances. Ask an admin about building anything in the sky beforehand.
4.6 Your town can be connected to other towns by either a pathway, a river-way, a railway, or a portal(*), but the other town must concur with this plan before connecting.
4.7 Your town will receive a blip on the map with its name on it if requested.
4.8 An admin can make a pathway, river-way, railway, or portal to your town as seen fit.

(*)This procedure should only be done by someone who is experienced with doing this, otherwise it may mess up other portals and cause them to redirect to yours.

5. Warps:
5.1 Warps are only creatable by admins, this to help keep a mostly vanilla feel to this server.
5.2 Everybody can use the command '/warp [warpname]', but not '/setwarp'.
5.3 Under special circumstances, you can request for a warp to be made for you.
5.4 If you abuse the warp in any way(putting your house there, making farms for your own benefit, etc.) it will be removed.
5.5 Everybody has the commands '/home' and '/sethome' and it's pretty much self-explanatory.

6. (Pixel)Art
6.1 You may not build (pixel)art in towns unless they give you permission.
6.2 You may not build (pixel)art close to towns or make it obscure someone's view from the town.
6.3 You may build (pixel)art in a random spot in the world.
6.4 If you are not sure whether or not your location is legal, ask a mod or admin.

7. Unobtainable Items:
7.1 Unobtainable items are things that you cannot craft nor obtain under normal circumstances.
7.2 Admins can spawn these things for you on special occasions.
7.3 Otherwise, these items are illegal to have. (this is a very strict rule, and can result in disciplinary action or even a ban if you refuse to dispose of them when told to and/or craft illegal items out of them (crafting chainmail armor using fire blocks))

8. Creative Mode:
8.1 Under special circumstances, an admin can temporarily grant you creative mode.
8.2 You must empty your entire inventory before you are allowed to enter creative mode. (You enter it with an empty inventory, you leave it with an empty inventory)
8.3 You will be under supervision of an admin while in creative mode.
8.4 Do NOT spawn in items and stash them away in a chest that belongs to you. You will get in trouble, have all of your modified chests cleared (including the legitimate items, because there is no real way to tell if any of it is spawned or not), and may even get your privilege of having creative mode taken away either temporarily or permanently, or simply get banned if you cause too much trouble.

9. Security & Privacy:
9.1 You can also protect a chest for personal use or share it with certain other players: http://ess.earth2me.com/index.php/Sign_Tutorial

There are several security measures that may be considered a violation of privacy for some people. If you have a problem with any of the following, you shouldn't play here:
9.2 All blocks changes are logged for 2 or more weeks with the name of the person changing a block.
9.3 All chat and '/' commands are logged for like 6 months.
9.4 Moderators and Admins have the right to log in vanished and check up on you if they think you are acting suspicious.

All of the above means can be used as proof for both parties when a ban occurs.

10. Use of 3rd Party Tools
10.1 Do not use modified clients or hacks to get items, flying or any other advantages over normal players.
10.2 Mods such as Optifine, Rei's Minimap, and InvTweaks are okay, as long as they do not match the definition of a hacking client.
10.3 Play the game without the assistance of cheats and it will be fun for everyone.
10.4 This is a very strict rule and will result in an immediate warning to remove the client, then a ban if you refuse or are caught for a second time.

10.5 If any of the below features are included in your client, you may not use your modified client on this server.

Definition of a Hacking Client(Including, but not limited to):
10.6 Allows the player to fly, or has a free camera mode.
10.7 Allows the player to move faster than normally possible.
10.8 Allows the player to walk on water and break water as a solid.
10.9 Allows the player to see through blocks by turning on a feature, or indicates where certain blocks are.
10.10 Allows the player to sneak while at walking speed or running speed.
10.11 Allows the player to see vanished moderators and admins.
10.12 Can speed up the player's mining speed.
10.13 Has features that are intended to crash servers either instantly or within a short period of time.
10.14 Has a "Kill Aura" (The player can automatically hit others when they are within the player's reach)
10.15 Has a built-in spambot
10.16 Enlarges the name tags of other players, and prevents the name tags of others from disappearing while they are sneaking behind a wall.
10.17 Includes any type of "Nuker" (Destroys all blocks around you constantly or as per request)
10.18 Contains a minimap that will show the location of certain unexposed blocks, mobs, or players.

10.19 Using exploits to compromise accounts is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a ban (With a chance to submit an unban appeal if this is the first ban). If the compromised account belongs to an admin or moderator, this will result in an instant permanent ban of the offender with no chance of being pardoned.
Plus, your name will be submitted to MCBans

10.20 Using exploits/bugs in the game itself to your own advantage (ie: sand/cobblestone generators) is legal, but not encouraged. (ask yourself: "Is this way the way i want to play this?")

11. Mods & Plugins used:
MobileAdmin(http://www.kaltner.net/Projects/Minecra ... Admin.aspx)

12. Technical info about the server:
Connection speed: Upload 15 Mbit/s | Download 150 Mbit/s
Player slots: 30
Location: the Netherlands (http://maps.google.nl/maps?ie=UTF8&ll=5 ... 8&t=h&z=19)
OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64-bit SP1
CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition
Ram: 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 400MHz (5-6-6-18) (Java is allowed to use up to 3GB of this)
HDD: OCZ Vertex 2 SATA II 2.5" SSD 60GB (dedicated to the mc server only)
13. Donating
If you want to donate for my server, please press the Image button on http://www.maxloader.nl/donate.htm.
What do you get for donating?
1. [D] in front of your name if requested.
2. The Donator rank.
3. You gain trust by other players. (Why would a griefer pay money to a server?)
4. If you have a problem you get priority over other players by admins.
If you want to donate for my server, please press Image. thanks :)
More info about donating: http://www.maxloader.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4 (#14)